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Dirty Beaches #NMW Mixtape

Presenting a mixtape from one of No More Westerns’ favorite musicians, Dirty Beaches (aka Alex Zhang Hung-Tai), who couldn’t join the festival this year but […]

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“I don’t really understand it myself, either”: notes on Panorama event #2, The Young Ones

The second Panorama screening of Impakt 2012 focussed on the work of five young artists working in the Netherlands. All of them were present at […]

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No Place Like Home: Notes on Panorama Screening #2, Sweet Home Barbarism

The Panorama screenings, as the name suggests, tend to be all about broadening horizons. So it might seem a bit contradictory at first to program […]

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Memeify the World

I’m not sure if you can say Saturday morning’s Meme Masterclass escalated, but, well, we ended up with a wall full of festival paper scraps. […]

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A cowboy is a cowboy is a cowboy: Meta-Cowboyism

Last night’s screening on meta-cowboyism last reminded me of the cowboy sets you can buy in a toy store, containing a hat, a sherrif’s badge […]

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Interview with Lauren Alexander of Foundland

Foundland is Lauren Alexander and Ghalia Elsrakhi, two Amsterdam-based artists. For Impakt, they contributed a video installation to The Impossible Black Tulip of Cartography in […]

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 „It is deucedly difficult to tell a lie when you don’t know the truth.” Peter Esterhazy  The new video by Ruben Gutierrez, which he has […]

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An interview with Jaap Kooiman

Jaap Kooimans, senior lecturer of Media and Culture studies at Amsterdam University, gave a talk yesterday afternoon called ‘Karaoke Americas’. In it, he argued against […]

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The Music Is the Message: Filastine Masterclass

Anecdotes about riots at G8 summits are not the first thing that come to mind when you think of a masterclass by an acclaimed producer. […]

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Signifying Nothing: context, culture, and cats.

While introducing the No More Western screening Sorry, This Video Is No Longer Available On Youtube, curator Kate Taylor mused a bit on the nature […]

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The Impakt Festival 2012 has begun

An unsuspecting visitor last night at Theater Kikker may have gotten the impression that the Youtube battle was already in full effect, as festival curators […]

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An Interview with Omar Kholeif

Although the program only mentioned that Omar Kholeif’s talk would be about the Gazawood project, it quickly became clear that Kholeif had bigger plans. In […]

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Easterns: Notes on How The West Was One (Part Two)

For a cinephile such as myself, it seems only logical that Asian filmmakers are making so many Westerns these days. After all, the genre that […]

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#Womeninbinders: Memes as political critique

By Max Laane Mitt Romney battles Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States of America this year. In the clip above Romney uses […]

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In collaboration with DROPSTUFF.NL Impakt will exhibit its DEUS presentations on large urban screens on the Utrecht Jaarbeurs and at the central stations in Breda, Eindhoven, […]

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Call it a (p)remake: The Otolith Double Bill

“We are not images, not sounds, not even fictions. Just script, twenty pages in a drawer. An idea, a possibility, nothing more”.  This is how […]

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The political made personal: Notes on the HKU <3 NMW opening at the Academy Gallery.


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Space is the Place, Anyplace

“The music is different here, the vibrations are different, not like planet earth”, as Sun Ra, donning an outfit reminiscient of King Tut, describes the […]

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Back to the Non-Western Future: Samantha Culp @ HKU

In each of the three installments of the Back to the Future movie trilogy, the main character Marty McFly wakes up either in the past […]

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Top Goon’s director Jameel on the NOS news

The Dutch news station NOS made a report in the NOS news on Top Goon, the satirical puppet show about Syria on October 18. Top Good […]

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Al Arabi Al Hor – The Free Arab

„Photography is truth. And cinema is truth twenty-four times a second.” – Jean-Luc Godard

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The Wit and The Fury: notes on AES+F

In August of this year, punk collective Pussy Riot made headlines worldwide after three of their members were sentenced to jail on a charge of […]

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How the West was One part 1 + 2

How the West was One (part 1) ‘Meta-Cowboyism’ How the West was One (part 2) Westerns from the East  You can visit both parts of […]

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On Friday 26 October, Impakt Festival NO MORE WESTERNS promises to peak in obscure nightlife credibility, with a NON WESTERN UNDERGROUND CLUB NIGHT that’s action […]

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Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

In what’s perhaps the single greatest moment in Marjane Satrapi’s brilliant autobiography Persepolis, the 8-year old protagonist buys a denim jacket on the black market, […]

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Buy your tickets online HERE. Buy the tickets for the festival programs in Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt HERE. PRICES EVENT PRICE REDUCED PRICE All-inclusive Festival Pass €30,- […]

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Welcome to The Impossible Black Tulip

Long nights of building, enough stress to last a lifetime and several litres of blood, sweat and tears culminated in this year’s festival exhibition, titled […]

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The Village x Impakt Festival

From 14 till 28 October, the Village Coffee & Music hosts projections of a wide ‘n wild selection of recent video art and films. Enjoy amazing coffee while getting a nice and unexpected preview of all that Panorama and No More Westerns screenings will have to offer from 24-28 October.

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Live Stream Canvas

The #NMW Live Stream Canvas consists of a flow of references which study and expand on the exhibition’s themes and the festival as a whole. […]

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Impakt Online: Let Us Praise the Vernacular!

As we have become indifferent to the omnipresent multinationals, templates and logos and increasingly estranged from specific cultural traditions and folklore, we see at the […]

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Festival Exhibition: The Impossible Black Tulip of Cartography

Opening: Thursday 11 October, 20 – 24:00h With music by D.V. Grammofoon at 22:00h Opening hours: 12 till 23 October: Tue-Fri from 11.00 till 17.00h and on […]

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Panorama artist in focus: Rubén Gutierrez

Exploring post-isms and their meaning(lessness) is a prominent part of Gutiérrez’s practice. He has made several series like the Post everything drawings, which are in […]

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Closing Event: YouTube battle

For all YouTube freaks, cat film lovers and for those who had to miss prior editions, the last film evening will once again be hosting […]

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Panorama Event #3: Rigid Regimes

Satirically approaching Syria’s regime is far from risk free. Amid the threatening political situation, the Masasit Mati collective nevertheless tries to put a smile on […]

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Panorama Event #1: Unstating the Obvious

Mediengruppe Bitnik enters into an amusing dialogue with the invisibly omnipresent, permanent surveillance system. By hacking the camera system at a tube station in London […]

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Panorama Screening #2: Sweet home barbarism

Home is much more than where you grew up or where you live. This screening consists of the romance and horror of homeliness, trippy early […]

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Panorama Screening #4: Once upon a time in my memory

Stories are a major influence on our memory. From storytellers right the way through to narrative Hollywood films, stories are always characterised by personal perspectives, […]

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Panorama Screening #3: What are words worth?

“Words of nuance, words of skill, and words of romance are a thrill, words are stupid, words are fun, words can put you on the […]

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Panorama Screening #1: To beat or to join the system

Even the establishment is a temporary concept. The systems that keep the economy and society in one piece are challenged by other ideas or alternatives. […]

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Essay: Sohail Inayatullah – Futures dreaming

Is all science fiction western? Is there non-western science fiction? If so, what is its nature? Does it follow the form and content of western […]

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Essay: Sanne Stevens – Delete control: join the fight for netfreedom

“Syrian activists harnessed Facebook and Twitter to criticize the regime and rally protesters. Though Syria still has one of the most regulated internet and telecoms […]

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Essay: Ravi Naidoo – A south-south design axis

Ravi Naidoo, interviewed by Cher Potter Ravi Naidoo is the founder of the International Design Indaba – an African design institution and the biggest design […]

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Essay: Katrien Jacobs – The effects of youth on pornography

Uploading and distributing DIY sex videos in China is a risky business with serious legal consequences but, nevertheless, people are regularly going about it. For example, […]

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Essay: Tegan Bristow – What is Afrofuturism to Africa

Unlike what the name suggests Afrofuturism has nothing to do with Africa, and a lot more to do with power imbalances and cyberculture in the […]

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Essay: DJ Rupture – Feedback loops

One of the things that make DJs so thrilling and so boring is the slim distinction between easy charlatanism and mind-melting talent. A bad DJ […]

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Essay: Damien G. Walter – Science fiction is a global language describing our shared future

In 1873 Jules Verne described the remarkable possibility of a journey made around the world in only eighty days in his pioneering eponymous science fiction […]

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Essay: W. David Marx – Meeting modernity

When compared to our current era of rapid globalisation, Japan may still win the prize for most extreme national transformation. After two hundred plus years […]

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Essay: Parmesh Shahani – Jugaad Innovation, Resourceful Lives

Jugaad is a Hindi word that can mean different things from a low cost fix that is imperfect but just good enough, to something innovative […]

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Essay: Kevin Bloom – But wait… what if this isn’t the End of the West?

The race between West and East has inspired a new genre of best-selling non-fiction, and is making celebrity names out of a growing number of […]

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Essay: Charlotte Bank – Mapping Creative Internet Activism in the Arab World

Background essay with the screening program Mapping Creative Internet Activism in the Arab World

By Charlotte Bank, Independent researcher, curator and writer, based in Berlin and Damascus.

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Otolith Group [an Otolith double bill]

With this double bill, prize winning artists’ collective Otolith Group aligns itself with the festival’s theme of imagined worlds by seamlessly integrating archive footage with […]

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Chief Boima

Chief Boima is a Sierra Leonean-American musician, DJ, cultural activist, and writer currently based in New York. Boima began his international DJ career on a […]

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Essay: An Xiao Mina – Five facts about the Grass Mud Horse

Maybe you’ve heard of the grass mud horse, the rare breed of alpaca that dwells in China’s Mahler Gobi dessert. It’s a noble beast constantly […]

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Symposium: News in a multipolar world

The young 21st century shows profound geo-political transformations. New players in global economies and politics shape a multipolar world. This new world order is not […]

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Delete control: Hivos free internet panel

Together with Hivos, Impakt will be organising a panel discussion on online freedom of speech. The internet and social media play a major role in […]

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Beats Sin Fronteras

For: musicians/producers, artivists & the curious Next to a live performance with MC Nova on the opening night, Filastine hosts a unique, intimate masterclass. Grey […]

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Arab Futurism

Independent curator Nat Muller gives a talk on the reemergence of Arab Futurism in Middle Eastern contemporary art. Breaking with the dominance of cultural nostalgia, […]

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How the West was One (part 1) ‘Meta-Cowboyism’

Whatever happened to the archetypal cowboy we know so well from spaghetti westerns? The ultimate (anti)hero seems to have never totally walked off into the […]

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Once Upon a Time in the Future-West…

What if, in the not too distant future, the rapidly developing economies of the East overpower the Western hegemony – which is already not as certain as it wants to seem – in both economical and cultural sense?– So far this idea of the West’s decay mainly appeared as a dystopian vision of xenophobic right-wing leaders being a common panel in their demagogic rhetorics, but I can promise that the videos presented at the screening program Imagining a Future-West / Just Another Country at Impakt Festival 2012: No More Westerns will give a whole different, unexpected shape to this fantasy.

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Regional transformations through media

This panel examines the transformations of regions through online media tools with a focus on Arab and Chinese youth. Researcher Zafka Zhang (China Youthology), new […]

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Shooting back in the African diaspora – The new West African film culture of London and Amsterdam:

Since the late 1980s, after the collapse of the colonial Anglophone West African film industries, uneducated video enthusiasts in Nigeria and Ghana have founded a […]

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Rebel Up! crew – DJ’s Sebcat and Palm M and VJ M

Rebel Up! presents the raw and organic sounds our world has to offer on the dancefloor: A global, political culture mash of European mestiza beats, […]

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Artist presentation: Chto Delat?: Russian Spin-Doctors and the Limitations of Tactical Media

Dmitry Vilensky of Russian artists’ collective ‘Chto Delat?’ will talk about their work Russian Woods that is part of the festival exhibition and pertains to […]

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Translating Foreign Television Formats

Starting from Albert Robida’s early visions of the future of TV in 1883 to the rise of today’s expanded satellite and Internet protocol TV (IPTV) […]

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Otherwoods: Nolly, Ghally and Bollywood

Since the advent of moving images as mass entertainment, Hollywood has been a dominant maker of myths, shaper of dreams, and repository of personal memories […]

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Karaoke Americas + Different Moderns, Local Translations (ruangrupa)

Karaoke Americas (Talk) “American pop culture – Hollywood cinema, television, pop music – dominates the rest of the world through its hegemonic presence. Does that […]

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Nollywood vs. the world

In 1992, a Nigerian businessman called Kenneth Nnebue imported a stock of blank video tapes. He soon found out that he had ordered too many, […]

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Impakt Friends

Sorry, this entry is only available in NL.

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ACCELERATOR: an interview with Grey Filastine

Filastine: There’s almost nothing normal about what we do on stage. We use a shopping cart, a broken kilinda, which was probably from Africa at […]

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Opening Impakt Festival 2012: New World Perspectives

The festival curators Samantha Culp and Cher Potter present a number of brief presentations on the highlights of the No More Westerns programme. Artists and […]

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Opening concert LIVE: FILASTINE ft. NOVA

American Grey Filastine, who lives in Barcelona, scours the globe for sounds, samples, instruments and styles, takes them home and incorporates them into his music. […]

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Festival Exhibition: The Impossible Black Tulip of Cartography

The exhibition The Impossible Black Tulip of Cartography shows a dialogue between artists, designers, and anonymous authors of the digital universe. The exhibition space itself, […]

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