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Impakt Festival Fellow 2012 Parmesh Shahani

Impakt Festival Fellow Parmesh Shahani is doing some free publicity and urges everyone to tweet and facebook and spread the word on the Impakt Festival!

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Impakt Festival opening program New World Perspectives

The festival’s curators Samantha Culp and Cher Potter present a number of brief presentations on the highlights of the No More Westerns programme

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Filastine Masterclass

Grey Filastine hosted a unique, intimate masterclass where he presented the way he builds his frontier-busting music

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Round Tables

A view from the Round Tables that daily discuss a specific topic with guests from the Impakt Festival and special invited guests.

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Presentation: Let Us Praise the Vernacular

For ‘Let us praise the vernacular!’ Impakt Online invited artists and researchers to present their works that are an ode to the specificities of places.

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Panorama Event #1 Unstating the Obvious

Screening of ‘Hello’ by filmmaker Matthijs Vlot during the panorama film programme of the festival

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Cannibalizing Cannibal Myth #2

How Brazilian cannibals captured, devoured and digested Western thinking

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Sorry, This Video is no Longer Available on YouTube

Film expert Kate Taylor explores how Japan’s most popular video site, Nico Nico Douga, started out as a simple website that linked videos from YouTube, until they were banned by the video giant.

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Opening Concert: Filastine ft. MC Nova and Kriza

Check out the 2012 festival opening act: Filastine ft. MC Nova

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Translating Foreign Television Formats

William Uricchio demonstrates how television has totally re-contextualised any normative ideas of nationalism or the West

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An A-Zof K-Pop

A collective listening/viewing experience is in order to discuss how and why the Korean Wave is taking over.

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Panorama Event #3: Rigid Regimes

Panorama Event #3: Rigid Regimes

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How the West was One

Whatever happened to the archetypal cowboy we know so well from spaghetti westerns?

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28 March: DIY Currencies

The instability of the world’s financial markets has led to the development of countless alternative currencies that often consciously develop away from state supervision. An […]

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