Wesley Goatley: Data Sonification and Network Politics 24 October 2017

wesley goatley installation
20:00 - 22:00

Tue 24 October | 20:00 hours | Lange Nieuwstraat 4 (voormalige locatie BAK) Utrecht | free

Lecture Wesley Goatley – Data Sonification and Network Politics

coproduction: Impakt & HKU Music & Technology

The British sound artist and researcher Wesley Goatley is invited to The Netherlands by the Impakt festival. Together with the HKU Music & Technology and Impakt, Gaudeamus organizes a guest lecture of this talented artist. In the lecture Data Sonifaction and Network Politics, Goatley takes you into the world of his work, his installations, specifically based on his work The Dark Age of Connectionism, which is exhibited. In this installation Goatley explores the hidden forces of always-listening devices like Amazon’s Echo and Siri from Apple. What are the implications of the tools we use and how can we better understand the frighteningly huge systems that hide behind these tiny devices?

Wesley Goatley has been selected for the European EMARE Residency Exchange Program where Impakt is part of. Goatley is Lecturer in Sonic Media at Brighton University and received a scholarship from Sussex Humanities Lab for a PhD in critical data aesthetics.

Language: English