Opening: Simone Niquille & Jenna Sutela 25 October 2017

Jenna Sutela_Extremophile_still 2
19:30 - 20:30
Het Huis
7,00 (Discount: 6,00)
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Simone Niquille: The Fragility of Life

With a special introduction by artist Simone Niquille (CHE), Impakt presents the Dutch premiere of The Fragility of Life, a short film following Teresa Barnwell, a Hillary Clinton impersonator, in the final days leading up to the 2016 US presidential election. Afterwards, the festival will be opened by Arjon Dunnewind (general director) and Natalie Kane and Tobias Revell (curators).

Performance Jenna Sutela

Jenna Sutela (FI) gives a performance to accompany her new work Extremophile (2017). This installation considers the idea of embodied cognition, presenting an audiovisual and narrative zoom from outer space to inside our gut. The realisation to be interconnected with wider environments marks a shift in perspective. This work is a co-commission with Serpentine Galleries (GB) and Goethe-Institut London for their Guest, Ghost, Host: Machine! Marathon in early October and will be on show in Fotodok/Casco.

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