Waiting list for Adam Curtis – for pass holders only



Dear Passe-Partout and Daypass holders of Impakt 2017,
As you probably heard by now, tomorrow’s lecture by Adam Curtis is completely sold out. Since passe-partouts and day passes are only guaranteed tickets for events that aren’t sold out, this means you probably won’t be able to attend, we are so sorry!
But there’s a small opportunity. We will open a waiting list exclusively for passe-partout and Saturday-pass holders tomorrow. If you are on this list you have a guaranteed seat for the live stream in another room inside Het Huis. You’ll also have a small chance to see the lecture in person if there are any last minute free seats.
NOTE: there won’t be a public live stream online due to copyright issues!
If you want to secure a spot on the waiting list, you need to do the following:
  • Come to Het Huis (Boorstraat 107, Utrecht) tomorrow morning from 09:30. You can only put yourself on the waiting list in person, not by phone or email.
  • Upon showing your passe-partout or Saturday day-pass at the box office you receive a number. Hold on this this number! If you lose it we can’t help you. The earlier you come, the lower your number, the bigger the chance you get into the actual lecture instead of the live stream.
  • We only accept a limited amount of people on the waiting list. It’s first come first serve. When it’s full it’s full.
  • Come back to Het Huis in the evening at 19.00 latest, earlier is better. You’ll get a seat in the screening room by showing both your pass and your number.
  • Just before the event starts we will count the empty chairs in the theater, if there are any. The lucky people with the lowest numbers will be taken to the actual lecture hall to see the lecture in person. The others can watch the live stream in the screening room.
  • Of course you don’t have to pay anything extra for all this, since you already have a passe-partout or day-pass.