Boomerang by Richard Serra, Nancy Holt 22 March 2019

Boomerang by Richard Serra, Nancy Holt

Richard Serra, Nancy Holt Boomerang

(USA 1974, 10 min)

In Boomerang—which was broadcast live on a TV station in Amarillo, Texas—Holt’s words are fed back to her through headphones with a one-second delay. She describes the experience, in which her words are suspended in time and space, as “a world of double reflections and refractions.” As her voice echoes back to her, she continues, “words become like things,” disconnected from their individual meanings and from their contexts. This interferes with Holt’s thought process and establishes a distance between the artist and her sense of self, an effect intensified when pre-recorded sound samples are played or when glitches in the broadcast cause momentary periods of silence.

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