The Outage (2014) by Erica Scourti 9 February - 17 March 2019

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The Outage
Erica Scourti
United Kingdom, 2014
Published by Banner Repeater Paperbacks
Book, 92 pages

Erica Scourti uses her digital footprint as the basis for her book The Outage, a memoir written by a ghost writer based on her online communication, including her online searches, social network posts, profiles and statistics that were collected and analysed by cyber security and data privacy professionals. The book creates narratives that use the online life of the artist and the way other people see her according to that online activity, a mediated online identity that doesn’t necessarily finds its basis in reality. Scourti addresses the way that raw Internet data becomes a stand-in for a person’s identity and how this data is shaped by the various corporate and political interests that benefit from it.

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