The Future Of Festivals



What is the position of film and media festivals in the changing media landscape?
What are their unique and distinguishing qualities? Should they redefine themselves to accommodate the needs of artists and audience in a more optimal and contemporary way. And if so, how?

For instance. where more and more musicians are able to reach their audience via the internet and peer-to-peer networks and downloadsites have swept away the economic basis of the record industry, it might be the moment to ask ourselves what the influence of YouTube and the like will be on film and media festivals. More and more young and independent filmmakers turn to the internet and YouTube specially. Are these artists liberating themselves from the iron claw of curators and festival programmers? Are they becomming truely independent or are they delivering themselves to a commerce driven pool of mediocracy? Where the internet will continue to develop itself as a platform for the presentation of moving images, both commercial and off-stream its time for festivals to redefine their off-line and online strategies.

– Kevin McGarry and Nellie Killian of the New York Underground Film Festival / Migrating Forms.
– Remco van Vlaanderen of Submarine, Cross Media Production Studio.
– Philine von Guretzky of, Online Gallery for Video Art.
Moderation: Chris Keulemans