Event Nights: Ecstatic Mutations



“Below the level of sounds and rhythms, music acts upon a primitive terrain, which is the physiological time of the listener. Because of the internal organization of the musical work, the act of listening to it immobilizes passing time; it catches and enfolds it as one catches and enfolds a cloth flapping in the wind.”
– Claude Levi-Strauss

17 october 2009, Theater Kikker
Thomas Brinkmann

Thomas Brinkmann is one of the foremost figures of the minimal techno movement, which has influenced contemporary music production since the 1990s. His fascination for rhythmic structures finds its roots in his background as a drummer and his training as a visual artist, and most particularly in the influence of Minimalism’s principle of reduction. The result is a vast oeuvre of mathematically refined scores made of complex grooves, overtones and doppler effects. In Utrecht he will present for the first time a completely improvised « klick » performance using 8 turntables, a series of vinyl records and a knife.

Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble

The musical quest of Dreyblatt, a student of the first generation of New York minimalist composers, is driven by an inclination for rhythmic complexity built on resonance and vibration. During the past decades he has developed a number of new instruments, tuning systems and performance techniques, which he uses to dig deep under the rhythmic surface and unveil a rich dynamics of textures and timbres. He has
recently brought together an ensemble with Jörg Hiller, Joachim Schutz and Robin Hayward, who will offer a rare and must-see concert during Impakt.

Oren Ambarchi + Robbie Avenaim

Oren Ambachi uses the electro-acoustic transformation of his guitar as a laboratory for tonal research. The result is an abstract and fragile world of sound that continuously searches the borders of time and space. He regularly collaborates with different musicians such as Keith Rowe and sunn0))). This time he will be reunited with his longtime friend and percussionist Robbie Avenaim, who explores the limits of the
sound spectrum using modified and motorised drums. Together they create a visceral and kinetic audiovisual experience.