Opening Night



14 october 2009, Theater Kikker
Thomas Köner – The Futurist Manifest

The work of media artist Thomas Köner cannot be easily categorised. For years he was active as a sound engineer, before his project Porter Ricks caused a stir in the European techno landscape. In filmmaker Jürgen Reble he found the perfect collaborator to pursue his interest in the symbiosis of visual and auditive experiences. All these different influences come together in Köner’s recent work, in which his fascination for sound colour has expanded to the moving image, resulting in a series of  acclaimed performances and installations. At the occasion of the festival theme of “Accelerated Living” and the hundredth anniversary of the Futurist Manifesto, he has composed a opera digitale for Impakt, which will be per- formed with a prepared piano, a digital ”noise orchestra” and a singer. The sonic sediments of one hundred years of industrialisation and acceleration will be condensed in a multidimensional audiovisual space, where image and sound interact as if “time and space
died yesterday”.