In the Panorama programme, Impakt provides an annual overview of contemporary cutting edge film and video art. The works have been selected by Impakt at various international festivals and exhibitions. Consequently, the programme offers a wide variety of visual artists, filmmakers and video artists from all over the world. In the Panorama programme, one should prepare for confrontations with soap-like
spectacles from the world of animals, narration in the form of light, the painful truth of actors who have chosen video art and the new generation of puppet players. Submit to the public hypnosis of our modern-day visual culture and discover that the real tension between Schönberg and Stockhausen is found in yogurt. The Panorama programme includes new works by makers such as Doug Fishbone, Steve Reinke, Oliver Husain, Manuel Saïz, Clorinde Durand, Björn Melhus, Yves Netzhammer and Erkka Nissinen. Within the Panorama selection, a number of artists are put centre stage. In the so-called Impakt Invites series, they are interviewed and invited to present a selection from their
own oeuvre and other works that have inspired them. In this year’s edition, Impakt spotlights the work of Annika Larsson, Jonas Staal and Vincent van Gerven Oei, Marco Brambilla and Cartune Xprez.