“Take some time, take some more, time is passing, the time of your life, the earth rotates, seasons come and go, the machine sorts zeros from ones, as another thousand tiny bursts of phosphorescent light dance to the rhythm of the wind and the tide.”
– Chris Welsby

15-18 october 2009, Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

It seems as if time is increasingly out of joint. We no longer experience time as a succession or an acceleration of events, but rather as something adrift in a fragmented world of information stimuli, out of the realm of chronology and linearity. What is the impact of this
evolution on our perception patterns?
How do the different internal, natural, social and technological rhythms relate to each other and influence our daily sensory perception? What is the role and potential of cinema, together with music, the art form most particularly devoted to the shaping force of time?
These and other questions will be explored through a series of contemporary and historic film and video works addressing the relation between space, movement, technology and (our experience of) time.

With works by Bruce Conner, Dryden Goodwin, Philip Hoffman, Gerard Holthuis, Malcolm Le Grice, Kurt Kren, Jeanne Liotta, Gordon Matta-Clark, Marie Menken, Dietmar Offenhuber, Yo Ota, Michel Pavlou, Artvazd Pelechian, Ilppo Pohjola, Emily Richardson, Scott
Stark, Leslie Thornton, Chris Welsby, Fred Worden, Ivan Zulueta and many others.