Event Nights: Speed Tribes

speed tribes


“It is not just a matter of music but of how to live: it is by speed and slowness that one slips in among things, that one connects with something else. One never commences; one never has a tabula rasa; one slips in, enters in the middle; one takes up or lays down rhythms.”
– Gilles Deleuze

16 october 2009, Tivoli de Helling
Mount Kimbie + James Blake

The explosion of breakbeat culture has provoked a plethora of sound experiments and cross-overs from which a fresh sound emerges from time to time. One of these surprises is London duo Mount Kimbie who inject melancholic pop sensibility and hybrid beats into dubstep. They are joined live by vocalist James Blake whose exciting debut reconciles jazz and soul with the sound of the imploding metropolis.

Cooly G

This protégé of the cutting edge Hyperdub label drew the attention of the so-called « UK funky » scene last year. It’s not surprising: her spicy but contagious mixture of deep house and dubstep, seasoned with bitter sweet vocals and subtle touches of acid and hardcore is,
without a doubt, a fresh wind in the the British club culture.

The Bug + Flow Dan

The man behind The Bug is Kevin Martin, who has been reinterpreting industrial, dub and breakbeat since the 1990s. His fascination for dark mutations of electronic rhythms and sub-harmonic frequencies was already present in earlier projects such as Techno Animal and Ice. The Bug is the culmination of all these influences: a personal exploration of bass culture, with a sound self-described as “warped ragga meets heavy electronic dub”. MC Flowdan, a key figure of East London’s grime scene, will accompany The Bug as guest artist.


In recent years Steve Goodman aka Kode9 has established himself as one of the most influential names in contemporary electronic music culture. A music producer, theorist and the owner of the celebrated Hyperdub label, he obstinately continues to explore the big city’s sonic fabric, its energy fields and rhythms. Movement, vibration, exaltation, emotion: Kode9’s music acts like a hyper urban virus that mercilessly gets into our central nervous system.

Sonido del Principe (Generation Bass)

This is the new incarnation of bass heavy music ethnographer Vincent Koreman. Sonido del Principe shifts this night’s focus to the raw beats and rhythms coming from the slums of the southern hemisphere.