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Big Kiss Goodnight, or joetalk100 by Dominic Gagnon



By Bas van de Kraats

Angry men are a known phenomenon on the Internet since the beginning of YouTube, and they come in various shapes and sizes. One of the first angry men was Chris Crocker, who wanted us to leave Britney alone. Then there was a red headed angry young man, who wanted us to know he has a soul. However, all these men look rather pale compared to the angry visionary man. This man sees the world in a way the other men fail to understand. He looks through the lies that media, politics and society tell him, and he is very angry about this. There is a wide variety of men like this available on YouTube, but one man stands out when it comes to the extent of his anger and the frequency with which he supplies his viewers with new material. This man is joetalk100.

Joe prefers to express his anger while driving his car – an anger that has enormous proportions. Do not expect to be done with him in a few minutes; Joe has absolutely no problem ranting for up to two hours. Ordering iced coffees at local drive-throughs (‘light, with cream, one sugar’) and smoking cigarettes, Joe explains to the world that the end is near.

Canadian director and performing artist Dominic Gagnon used joetalk100’s material during his residency at Impakt to make the film ‘Big Kiss Goodnight’. The still unfinished result of this work was shown last Thursday night July 5 at the Impakt Headquarters. The audience was treated to an hour long expression of fury and social discontent. The hypnotizing visuals stayed the same throughout all of the film; a man driving his car around, not going anywhere. After a few minutes it is impossible to stay focused on the exact sentences Joe utters. What remains is a continuous stream of anger and negative energy. Gagnon combines the parts of Joe’s videos with YouTube comments made to these videos, placed on a serene white background. This way, the director allows the viewers to breath for a moment, before they get thrown back into another minutes-long compilation of Joe’s rage.

During the Q&A following the screening, a lot of questions arose concerning Joseph Curto, which is joetalk100’s real name. His rants turned out to evoke many different reactions. Watching Joe was experienced as some sort of trip, in which the viewer went from experiencing contempt, anger and pitty, to even laughter. The audience seemed very interested in Joe’s intentions and motives, but during the Q&A the question arose whether these motives should be attributed to joetalk100 or to Dominic Gagnon. To what extent had the audience been watching a manipulation of joetalk100’s worldview? According to Gagnon himself, this film can be seen as one big manipulation of the truth. In his own words; ‘Cinema is about being a really good liar’. His editing, some of which had been done the night before the screening, constructed a very believable lie, judging by the response of the audience tonight.