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Blog: A # On Occupying

occupy wallstreet


Some time ago I wrote about the oncoming global protest event named #YesWeCamp starting September 17th. As a form of anti-austerity protest. And although it hasn’t really taken off in Amsterdam the activities in the US seem to thrive. In the narrative of mainstream media it moved from “childish-worthless-losers” to “something-important-is-happening-here,” as noted by Glenn Greenwald on Twitter.

The great epicenter is around Wall street.  Near the iconic statue of the Charging Bull on Wall Street, which ironically started life as a piece of ‘guerrilla art’ is now the stage of protest. Against what, the mainstream media aren’t clear, but if you follow the stream of information coming from the protestors themselves it is apparent. What they want is a right to real democracy, a real world order where corporations can’t get away with the huge scam they played, and still are playing, on the world.

Notable moment vary from support by people like Dr. Cornel West, Russell Simmons and Noam Chomsky , to the Pepper spray incidentwhen a New York City Cop pepper sprayed a couple of people on the side lines of the protest. It turns out that it wasn’t this cop’s first incidence of aggression against activism. However, Anonymous found revenge when the hacker made the cops phone number public. It was also the basis for a Daily Show joke in which Jon Stewart pitched an idea for a new police show, featuring Law & Order’s Christopher Meloni as rouge pepper spraying cop Anthony Bologna.

In the aftermath of the arrests hundreds of people took to the Brooklyn Bridge. In this ‘Battle of Brooklyn Bridge’ numerous where reportedly assaulted and at least 700 arrested. The whole thing has, in the last two and a half weeks, spread into a number of different #Occupy groups throughout the US, my favorite being @OccupyTheHood . It turns out to be an ongoing grassroots movement that won’t seem to quiet down. On a final note I would like to point to the  ‘National Student Walk-out Day October 5th/ Occupy Movement.’