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Blog: Between Art and Cinema with “Babel”



Following the paths of two peasants taking on the big adventure of Shanghai, from a simple rural life to the carnivalesque spectacle of an urban reality. A change of scenery from the mountains to a sky-scraper in the making. Hendrick Dusollier’s Babel  is a fairy-tale that inhabits the space between art and cinema, using pictures, film footage and animation set to a soundtrack by Jean-François Viguié.

This dreamscape will sometimes turn to the grotesque while the male protagonist tries to find his girl and realise ‘the Chinese dream.’ It’s a spellbinding 15 minutes that is just one of the films to be screened during the  Panorama #2: Cooking up the Big Bang, on November 3rd  as well as featured on the Videowall at the Stadsschouwburg.

Watch this interview with director Hendrick Dusollier made by Christophe  Chauville for My French Film Festival, to learn more about the project.

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