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Blog: Impakt Highlights – Choke Point Project Workshop



Impakt is not only art, music, and screenings. Among the festival events that you should definitely check out, in fact, is the Choke Point Project workshop: your chance to actually bring something home (read: skills) and claim the right to know in person.

According to WikiPedia, a “chokepoint” is “a geographical feature on land such as a valley, defile or a bridge, or at sea such as a strait which an armed force is forced to pass, sometimes on a substantially narrower front, and therefore greatly decreasing its combat power, in order to reach its objective.” Given the emerging need for infrastructural strategies, called for by the infamous attempts to shut the Internet down in areas of political unrest, some practical knowledge about the material geography of our informational environments is more than useful. With a “no-nonsense, hands-on, participatory” approach, the Choke Point team (Paz Domìnguez Ara, Javier Arturo Rodrìguez, and Chris Pinchen) will tell you everything you need to know about how the Internet works and how connectivity can be distributed, along with tips on security and encryption.

The workshop is free and, if you’re interested, just make sure to rsvp in time(