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Blog: Impakt Highlights – Impakt Online. A Few Flashback of Past Editions



In case you don’t know, Impakt Online is a series of Internet art projects that the festival commissions to some of the most talented new media artists around every year. We’ll have more info about this year’s edition really soon, but for the time being we’d like to share some of the old stuff with you, just to get you in the right mind frame.


2010 – Claudia Bernett, Tall Tales

Last year Impakt was about “The City as Interface”, so American artist Claudia Bernett picked up an old Surrealist game and managed to extend it to both the Utrecht streets and Twitter. For more info check out the project’s website and this interview.


2009 – Constant Dullaart, Readymades

In the context of “The Slow Web”, artist Constant Dullaart went deep into the shady world of Internet domains, presenting significant parked domains as updated Duchampian “ready-mades”. See the project online here.


2008 – Theo Deutinger, World at Work

With “Time” being the central festival topic, architect Theo Deutinger (together with Michael van Schaik) put together a time-based interactive infographic, a multi-layered “snapshot of globalization” exploring working patterns of the world population. You can see the result here.


More info about this year’s projects soon!