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Blog: ‘Right to Know’ Highlights 10/10-16/10



Until now I have written blogs featuring a news item that has caught my eye in the past couple of days. However, in the last week there have been so many that I can hardly choose and will have to share them all.

It all started with a comment made back in 2003 by one of the most sinister characters of recent history, Donald Rumsfeld. He claimed that Al Jazeera violated Geneva Conventions by airing and publishing the images of dead soldiers. And now years later, with a book to sell, the same Rumsfeld agreed on an interview with Al Jazeera. This interview confronts him with the truths of his own murky – subverting of the Geneva Conventions – past.

Then a little fun ensued when I read a story on BoingBoing on how peer-review matters for science. It featured a study that was never completed but only found its way in the ‘Letter to the Editor’ section in a scientific magazine. However, this small snippet of a hypothesis that failed to reach maturity fostered other studies. In other words, the publishing of something not really fit for publishing led to the creation of other published works.

Apparently the Germany authorities went into the business of spying on their own people. That never happened before. A group of hackers have stumbled upon a spy software. The group – Chaos Computer Club – claims that the spy software is used by German authorities, to what end I am not sure. What immediately sprang to mind were images of Das Leben Der Anderen(2006) of a very thin grey looking character that sits in a dark room tracking the lives of others.

Luckily, a first excerpt from God’s forthcoming Memoirs were released. In which the All Mighty stated that he did created Adam and Steve. After the 2007 documentary, For the Bible Tells Me So God apparently felt it necessary to make it once again clear that some people (and animals) are gay and this is how he intended it to be.

This happy news didn’t distract from the plight of Blackberry  users who had trouble with their phone’s this week and in some cases had to resort to using old phones. The horror!

One last note: Christelle Gualdi a.k.a. Stellar Om Source, who played together with Ola Vasiljeva at VJ op de Dom, and will rock the synths again at the festival Opening Night Part 3, has recently received some well-deserved press by none other than the NYtimes/Herald Tribune, featuring the trend of women in electronic music.

In reaction to the recent press, she stated on her FB-page: All I can add is that I just truly love electronic music and hope to be able to continue making it! Thanks to all of you for supporting us. Some amazing times ahead!

I couldn’t agree more!