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Festival update: Foundland replaces Sami Ben Gharbia at the summit: Getting Rough with Media



One of the guests in the Impakt summit ‘Getting Rough with Media’, Sami Ben Gharbia, unfortunately couldn’t make it. But curator Steven Kovats found a very good replacement just in time: Foundland.
Ghalia Elsrakbi and Lauren Alexander from Foundland will concentrate on their strategy and raison d’etre vis a vis creating essentially fictitious projects such as Looking at syria through a hole in the wall.

Watching revolution through a hole in the wall

While President Bashar maintains that mysterious “armed groups” are responsible for the widespread killing of civilian protesters in his country, he can only prove this by showing reporters images of the perpetrators. Meanwhile Western media, although not allowed to enter Syria, report that Bashar has in fact hired armed gangs to shoot at protesters for the purpose of photographing them in action. A powerful and ruthless regime needs to be media savvy in a time when it’s resilient and fearless citizens maintain the power to report events through social media to the rest of the world. Finding out the “truth” behind what is exactly happening becomes a complex investigation of eye witness accounts, rumours, confessions and lies. Foundland member, Ghalia Elsrakbi (Damascus, 1978) closely followed the events of the Syrian uprising through the Internet and personally experienced her Facebook account transform into a battleground of political opinion and a vehicle for propaganda, both pro and against the Bashar regime.

Getting Rough with Media: The Right to Know Summit

Saturday 5 November
Theater Kikker Main Hall
10,- / free