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Live Blog: Field Trip – Nachtelijk Buitenspelen



I’m not going to go into details because it’s not kinda legal, but just a few words on last night. Moustaches, (glowing) rabbits and Super Mario. We played last night. Wondered the streets and beautified it. But we weren’t the only ones, there where fellow spirits out to play who created a spider web out of yarn hanging from the side of a bridge. This is a part of a cult-collective performing small acts of guerrilla intervention, but there are also individuals who join in with their own projects. Having fun in the urban space. For all who hold on to their childhood, think the world is a bore or have a spirit for mischief (you know who you are creepy mustachio).

When you come back in the morning and see the results, it leaves you with satisfaction. You’re in the know, just look down at the street and see a story. A story about a fish and a boat on elephants all resting on the back of a turtle. Come with and beautify the city, but don’t tell anybody about it…sshhh it is our secret