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Live Blog: Panorama Event Night #2 – Let’s get Physical



‘Let’s get Physical’ – the physicality in a variety of performances and presentations. Here a round-up of events:

Emil Trier/Torgny, a project that crosses documentary and music video. “The only Game,” is on kids from the rural area of Norway, obsessed with vintage Volvo’s. The cars from the axes of their social realm. It is the stage of heavy patting and smoke creating wheelies. All guided by the tunes made by Torgny.

Mine Kafon How to make a toy from childhood into a means to combat the destruction of one’s playground (but not in the way one would think). Massoud Hassani’s childhood consisted of playing in the deserts near Kabul filled with land-mines. It was the practice to make objects that were perpetuated by the wind and would run over vast fields. It now translates to a project with serious possibilities of ridding the world of landmines. The construction which consists of a collection of legs with flexible plunger-like ends can roam the desert and track down areas of mass destruction. And after some serious due-diligence did Hassani receive the cooperation of the Dutch department of Defence for this project.

Our Autonomous Life? Stemming from an anthropological research that aimed to unearth the hierarchy of a squatters community, by Nazima Kadir. Finding who actually is in charge in such an seemingly anti-authoritarian community through looking at who is being talked about in a sexual connotation. Gossip is the tool of an anthropologist to locate the hidden dynamics in a social group. In this case the leaders was the person who was talked about as a desirable sexual object. Discussions regarding the sex or sexual preference in general told a lot about the standing and hierarchy. In entering these groups the important this is to achieve squatter capital, through presenting squatter skills (like breaking a door), construction skills, being able to cook/bake, activism (from organising, publishing press-releases, managing skills) and most importantly random ‘acts of rudeness.’

Now Nazima Kadir, together with Maria Pask made it into a sitcom, in a communist/communion way – using the thesis and distilled archetypes as a point of departure for group writing.

<Intermezzo by Eindbaas>

The Authentic Boys  Their work stems from a playing. From their recent Threesome  to the hilarious Idiophone, we see a different assessment of sexuality and physicality. The three people in Threesome fetishize parts of the other that aren’t traditionally considered to be deemed as erotic. From licking finger that are being put in buttonholes to sucking someone’s beard.

Another screening from the Emil Trier/Torgny trilogy: “Big Day” – following graduation feast for upper-class girls. Ending on the girls looking into the camera, what is left after the partying is done. After the excitement, mischief and face painting.

Ten seconds of magic for Niek Pulles in the new clip from dupstep icon SKREAM. Pulling heavily printed lycra-like fabric from the an Adam-like body. What started as a graduation project has now led him to a great couple of days in the production of this clip.

As a Special/Spontaneous treat the evening ended with a small presentation by Daniel Cockburn. Fuelled by the presentation of ‘The Authentic Boys’, Cockburn noticed a similarity to his feature. Namely, people doing strange things that don’t exist in our reality, but underneath they want to be touched. Although there is only one person in his film who actually gets touched and that is a dead person. Which leaves me with one grand tip: come see Cockburn’s feature “You are here” on Sunday!

Sadly we ran out of time to see the third Emil Trier/Torgny screening “I Came Here”…luckily there is always Vimeo.