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I love Al Jazeera. I use it all the time for finding news reports that are different from the mass repetition we find in Western news outlets. As Al Jazeera uses different sources than CNN or BBC would use you are exposed to a different array of news. Furthermore, it has a different focus and perspective, thus providing news from places you normally wouldn’t hear anything about. Not only from the Arab world but also from Asia, Africa and South America. It opens up the realm of news information previously left untapped by the Western media. It now forms a reliable and legitimate news source.

However, it seems to be the victim of prejudices. In a recent blog by Brazilian journalist Gabriel Elizondo he reported that he got kicked out of a high school football game in Texas for being with Al Jazeera. Elizondo is on a road trip around the U.S to interview people about the way in which 9/11 has impacted them. When arriving at a high school in Texas he talked to the principal of the school, who initially greeted his project with enthusiasm. However this initial glee turned into suspicion and the principal asked the schools superintendent to deal with the situation. After which, Elizondo decided to leave the town and continue his road trip, concluding that the people were prejudiced against Al Jazeera.

Although, a reaction by the superintendent that was posted on another blog seems to imply that it was all a matter of misunderstanding.*

Question is, is this prejudice, hyper-sensitivity, or political correctness after the fact?

*Although maybe the the super-intendants reaction is a hoax.