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Blog: BART vs. Anonymous



I thought Bart was this loving cheeky character from the Simpsons but apparently it also stands for the Bay Area Rapid Transit, in San Francisco. On July 3rd a man who appeared to be drunk was shot and killed, on a BART platform, by the police. Footage later released by BART authorities showed that the man, Charles Hill, did throw a knife at the police but didn’t show how far removed he was from the police at the time. It is thus hard to tell if he posed any threat at all.

The subsequent action taken by Anonymous was entitled:Operation BART and entailed crowds of protestor assembling in the stations of BART, some with Guy Fawkes masks. During this protest the authorities unilaterally shut down phone reception in the station. Turns out that this wasn’t the best action on the part of BART. They might have prevented more people from coming down to protest during the first protest, but it has now led to more and more protests on the part of Anonymous. A protestor at one of the new events was wondering around with an retro-phone repeating : “can you hear me now?”

Beside police brutality there is the infringement upon free communication, so in fact they made matters worse. It even led to the creation of a song, which isn’t really the prettiest adage to the worlds playlist.