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Blog: Catch the Bad Guys

catch the bad guys


In the night from the 21st to the 22nd of August there was a break-in at Mediamatic in the Duintjer CS building on the Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam. And it is not the first time that this happened! Mediamatic has now put the images of these thieves online.

This coincides with a current discussion in the Netherland regarding the privacy of the persons involved. As someone commented on the Mediamatic site: “Do you guys mind the privacy of these boys!” although this person subsequently notes that he wants these boys caught, rather sooner than later.

Is it understandable to release such footage when you have been robbed for the 10th time in one single month? Is it the price you pay when you commit such a crime, to be put online for what might be forever? It could help in identifying and capturing these persons, but to what price? Traditionally media art organisations took stand in favour of absolute privacy. Is this a turning point?

In the mean time, Impakt has decided to upgrade their security level.