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Future Daily


A special edition of the Metro – a free newspaper in The Netherlands – is coming out on September 30th, filled with articles made by its readers. It is a thought experiment on what the world will look like in 20 years. This Future Daily will pretend to come out on 30 September 2031, when the king is William IV. In 2031 when the economic center of the world is somewhere in Asia, when all the youngsters listen to Rachmaninov, what will be the status of the right to know discussion then? Will everything be open access or only appear to be? Will be have returned to the age of the typewriters,moleskine notebooks and Walkman’s?

Articles that will be featured in the Future Daily edition are chosen based on the amount of ‘likes’ they get on Facebook and the quality of the articles. So in this type of journalism the question is how popular one’s work is before publishing. It is an attempt, in line with other actions by mainstream media, to incorporate the DIY-ethos of the internet. And at the same time it is an experiment to see what people think the future will look like.

Maybe it will be like Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film World on a Wire (1979) . Only time will tell…