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Blog: Impakt Tip: GOGBOT Festival 2011

Afbeeldingsknipsel - Jeroen



GOGBOT 2011 takes place from 8th –11th September with this year’s theme: DATA PANIC – YOU-TUBE-Poop – JAPANOIIID!

GOGBOT is 4 days of art, music and technology in Enschede. From N-type to Nam-Shub from Enki, Doshy and a DJ set ofT. Raumschmiere. The Japanese electronic composer and media artist Ryoji Ikeda will perform a spectacular gig calledTest Pattern. Great festival where different disciplines come together. Where art and technology embrace each other and form a spectacular synthesis on energizing music.

Impakt’s tip: Symposium DATA PANIC / TRUE PLAY

Saturday 10th September  | 14 hours | Concordia Cinema, 15 Old Market, Enschede | Free entry

The symposium focuses on the full spectrum of availability and processing of information. Starting from new social phenomena to Internet hoaxing and disinformation. Peter Oltshoorn is one of the speakers at this symposium. The historian and journalist is mainly concerned with the social implications of the Internet and the untruths in politics and media. He is the founder of and

Oltshoorn wrote about the discussions concerning the issue ofDSK and the chambermaid, the agreements made by the BuZa regarding the “alleged” kidnapping case in which Mariko Peters (Groenlinks MP) was involved and a story about a dating sitethat connects students with sugar daddy’s but claims to have purely altruistic reasons for doing this.

In 2010 “The Power of Google” written by Oltshoorn was published, in which he makes an indept exploration of the Google-empire. In short an interesting thinker and a promising symposium, so go forth!

Check out: Google search en afhankelijkheid Inholland by Peter Oltshoorn