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Blog: The Wikileaks Truck

wikileaks truck


And suddenly it appears, the so-called Wikileaks Truck, driving around the Capitol or in New York. He suddenly appears in the background of one of the many American morning shows.

The driver of this truck is Clark Stoeckley who is part of the Anonymous theater art group . He calls himself, among other things, a Wiki-prankster, referring to the Merry Pranksters of Ken Kesey who traveled around the country in a bus bringing mayhem and LSD.  Whereas Kesey wanted people to open up their minds and spirits for the universe, Stoeckley wants to support the actions of Wikileaks and free Bradley Manning.

Driving around in a truck with slogans is a form of protest reminiscent of Chris Eubank’s anti-war demonstration. Eubank, a former boxer,  drove around London on a couple of occasions with a banner on the back of his truck, directed towards Tony Blair. One of the slogans from 2007 read “BLAIR – Don’t send our young prince to your catastrophic illegal war, to make it look plausible!” 

This manner of guerrilla protest isn’t necessarily new, but it is in the manner of combining local grassroots forms of protest into a large global scheme. The Wikileaks Trunk does this with a twitter account, flickr posts and other posts or photo galleries by Wikileaks-truck spotters.