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Blog: Todaysart



The Netherlands are particularly rich in media art festivals and conferences, but the Den Haag-based Todaysart (September 23-24) seems especially interesting to us. Not only because, strictly speaking, this year it also stretches out to Brussels (September 29-30, October 1st), but mostly for its focus on the adventurous exploration of urban environments.

We know Matrix City was last year, but we think a daring approach to architecture and public space in our cities is also part of that Right to Know we’re so curious about in the current edition of Impakt.

Todaysart has an articulated programme that involves several architectural dimensions: indoor (conferences, exhibitions), outdoor (public art), and collateral events happening in clubs and presented by local cultural initiatives. In particular, next week we’ll tell you more about the festival’s take on urban exploring and place hacking and any other highlights. Until then, go check their website for more details.