IMPAKT meets FREEMOTE 3 November 2011

Theater Kikker Kleine Zaal/Small Hall

by Impakt and Freemote


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Data Visualization/Visual Programming

Dive into the realms of creative programming with brief demonstrations about working with abstract data sets in visual programming environments (Quartz Composer, VVVV, Open Frameworks, Processing, MAX/msp).

After the outlines are cleared, the workshop is open for visual artists, VJs, motion designers and data-engineers to collaborate on visual and technical practices. The aim is to generate a series of examples (animations, patches, templates etc.) in different visual programming environments. Afterwards this knowledge and skill base will be made available for other artists and developers. This also serves as a quickstart resource for upcoming sessions and data-camps. Impakt Festival Fellow Mercedes Bunz will function as the critical conscience of the workshop.

Coordinated by Impakt in collaboration with Mercedes Bunz and Born Digital.

Entrance is free and open for all into visual programming, data-digging, motion and design. Feel free to get in touch for more details or fresh proposals.