Christopher Adams (Beijing) 5 November 2011

christopher adams

14.15 – 14.45 Roughing up Copyright: The Right to Know and our Agreement to Share

Christopher Adams

The copyright regimes under which our creativity toils are a relatively recent development in the history of human culture and civilization. By default the law holds hostage our willingness and ability to share ideas and creations, which can only be overcome by technical and legalistic maneuvers. The past two decades have seen the advent of legal initiatives to overcome the proscriptions to share, first in software (viz., the Free Software Foundation) and later in cultural goods more broadly defined (Creative Commons). However, these initiatives remain parasitic on the legal code proper, and while they encourage sharing they also complicate it to the n-th degree. In contrast, organization that I represent leverages the application and appreciation of the public domain through a ‘sharing agreement’ with the goal of lowering all possible barriers to communication, collaboration, and sharing.

Christopher Adams is a publisher and developer based in Beijing and Taipei. He works with Fabricatorz in San Francisco on creative projects, with Qi Hardware in Beijing on copyleft hardware, and with Aiki Lab in Singapore on open source software. Christopher is a co-founder of, and performs as a VJ with the MilkyMist visual synthesizer. He is @christopheradam on Twitter and on the Web.

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