Das Gespenst des Glücks 3 November 2011

Das Gespenst des Glucks by Max Philipp Schmid_P2011-0107

Max Phillipp Schmid, Switzerland, 2010, video, 10:22 min

A man and a woman in a big embrace. The TV shows a couple dancing in a Hollywood musical. The man and woman attempt to follow suit, but their movements are wooden and their feet leaden, as if under extra gravitational pull. Caught in a web of stereotypes they try again and again, but their perseverance completely robs their dance of the lightness of the original. All that remains is the melancholy cast of failure on their exhausted faces.

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  1. [...] veranderingen door de snelheid van afspelen en bewegingen van de acteurs te manipuleren. In ‘Das Gespenst Des Glucks’ (2010) toont Max Phillipp Schmid de vastgelegde rolverdeling in man/vrouw-relaties door oude en [...]