Theta Rhythm 5 November 2011

Theta Rhythm by Bojan Fajfric_P2011-0395

Bojan Fajfric, The Netherlands, 2010, video, 17:00 min

The 8th session of the Central Committee of the Communist League of Serbia was held on the 23rd and 24th September 1987. Historians agree that this session represents a symbolic turning point that led to the rise of nationalism and wars in former Yugoslavia. It was supposed to introduce ‘anti-bureaucratic revolution’ which would direct the anger of the popular masses towards transformation of the communist one-party system. Instead, it brutally increased social inequalities and caused ethnic conflicts.

Theta Rhythm is a reconstruction of one day of the session through the perspective of the filmmakers’ father Mirko Fajfric. He was present at the session, but openly misses the chance to take part. Perhaps it’s a coincidence: the fact that he worked as an administrator at a department of Belgrade’s City Committee, and that the session was long and exhausting and broadcasted live on national television. However, this doesn’t diminish the fact that he failed to participate and therefore could have possibly influenced the moment in recent history that started the dramatic loss of “a better future”. Theta Rhythm is comprised of a detailed re-creation of the period in 1987, and the daily routine of the filmmaker’s father during that time. Meticulous reconstruction culminated when the filmmaker inserted himself in the archive footage of the political sessions.

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