Casco: Our Autonomous Life? 5 November 2011


Partner Event

Maria Pask and Nazima Kadir

Live Sitcom

Come drop by and watch the pilot episode of ‘Our Autonomous Life?’, a hilarious new situation comedy offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes life of a fictional ‘woongroep’. This sitcom is co-written by people with experiences in communal living and based on research from the squatting movement and current housing issues in the Netherlands. The cooperative sitcom presents new stories, conflicts, and creative interventions for ‘living together’ in this popular form of domestic entertainment. Conceived in collaboration with artist Maria Pask and cultural anthropologist Nazima Kadir as part of Casco’s long term ‘living research’ project, ‘The Grand Domestic Revolution–User’s Manual'; co-produced by Casco and SKOR. The sitcom will be broadcasted through RTV Utrecht, with preview at Impakt Festival Panorama Event Night on Nevember 4. More information can be found at