Elodie Pong, Contemporary 6 November 2011

Contemporary by Elodie Pong_P2011-0573
Theater 't Hoogt Zaal 2/Room 2
8,-/7,- EURO

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Elodie Pong, Switzerland, 2011, video, 70:00 min

Feature Film

US born Swiss video artist Elodie Pong is known for her subtle, analytic works often built as cycles or in series, which focus on human relationships, cultural codes and their impact on contemporary society.

Contemporary tellingly captures the mood of the times. Do we still have any shared values and goals, or is our post-everything era dominated by insecurity and a lack of orientation? What do people dream about today? And do we still have personal heroes that we look up to? The characters in the film tell their stories and discuss such issues as the significance of political movements and utopias, the role of art, or the current status of emancipation. In addition to philosophical and political concerns, they also talk about ordinary things like favorite colors and birds and, in doing so, they are seen both as actors in staged scenes and as ‘real’ characters. Vignettes and snatches of dialogue soon reveal that role-playing is an essential feature of this film, its ultimate question being: who are we, or rather who do we pretend to be?