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Simba, the last Prince of Ba’ath Country



Foundland, a young art, design and research practice based in Amsterdam, presented a sparkling new version of the publication and a video installation called “Simba, the last Prince of Ba’ath Country” as a preview to the upcoming Impakt Festival at PRESENT! this week in BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, in Utrecht.

The publication “Simba, the last Prince of Ba’ath Country” is available to buy for 10,- Euro. Please send an email to lauren[at] to order a digitally printed copy.
Foundland will also publish an Arabic version of ‘Simba’ within a few days on the creative publishing platform Cargo Collective, with the support of HIVOS and the Impakt Festival 2012.

Read a fictional interview between Foundland & the image-maker on their Syrian rev. digital propaganda portal that was presented as a double-side projection for PRESENT!

Foundland investigates the re-appropriation of Internet imagery borrowed from a Western context and transformed as propaganda and protest imagery for the Syrian Revolution. Since 2011, they have been investigating found Internet images from social media. These images have been manipulated by the Syrian Electronic army for the purpose of creating pro-Syrian propaganda. For Impakt Festival 2012, Foundland will be extending their visual research to focus on the use of children’s animated videos as appropriated by the Syrian opposition for the purpose of protest propaganda. They investigate the practice of dubbing videos such as Walt Disney’s “The Lion King” to create a new political fairytale.

Their work will be on display at the festival exhibition in CBKU from 12-28 October.
The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday 11 October, 20:00h.

An image overview of Foundland at PRESENT! 

Photocredit: Pieter Kers