Infiltrating the Chinese meme 27 October 2012

Ai Weiwei - Grass Mud Horse
11:00 - 14:00
Theater Kikker Kleine Zaal/Small Hall

Zafka Zhang (China Youthology) brings his experience doing field research with youth communities across various cities of China into this workshop on what’s now and what’s next in Chinese Internet memes.  Memes are not just something viral for consumption. Memes are something that can change the society. With better understanding and inspirations of how Chinese create Memes for a better society, workshop participants will work together to create new memes for the Impact Festival and share them online.

Are you a designer/ researcher/ young artist/  blogger/ Internet enthousiast? Sign up!
  • 11:00-11:30  Intro
  • 11:30-12:30  Meme Sharing: Chinese Meme + Local Ones
  • 12:30-13:00  Quick Lunch
  • 13:00-14:00  Making a New Meme: Intro + Making + Sharing

If you want to participate and go in-depth with Zafka, please send a short e-mail to introduce yourself, to Be fast, as places are limited! 

Follow Zafka Zhang in the Impakt Festival
Zafka Zhang also participates in a number of other Festival programs:

Symposium: News in a Multipolar World
Regional Transformation Through Media
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