An A to Z of K-Pop + Astropical Dub and Time-travel 27 October 2012

21:00 - 23:00
Theater Kikker Grote Zaal/Main Hall
€ 8.00
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Utrecht Hallyu community – unite! This experimental DJ set/multimedia presentation by Heather Corcoran outlines an A to Z of Korea’s mainstream pop music, K-Pop, with it’s hyper, maximalist style and a tight command of media, K-Pop is arguably leaving Japan’s J-Pop and China’s C-Pop in the dust in the competition for Asian youth music markets. Beyond Asia, K-Pop has inspired near-riots, academic conferences… and Nicki Minaj. A collective listening/viewing experience is in order to discuss how and why the Korean Wave is taking over.

This musical experience is followed up by Egyptian artist Kareem Lotfy, who outlines his theories on Astropicalism and Genre Avoidance strategies in a digital music set including nostalgic dub sampling, distorted African rhythms, tweaked reggae beats, Wikipedia explanations and found objects!

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