Otolith Group [an Otolith double bill] 25 October 2012

Theater t Hoogt Zaal 1/Room 1
€8,00 (€7,00)
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With this double bill, prize winning artists’ collective Otolith Group aligns itself with the festival’s theme of imagined worlds by seamlessly integrating archive footage with fictionalised scenes that, with a nod to science fiction, seem to take place somewhere between the past, present and future.

Otolith III – The Otolith Group (UK 2009, 48:00 min)
Otolith III is a premake of the film ‘The Alien’ – the first ever science fiction film to be set in contemporary India – that was never made. The film inhabits the unrealised potentialities of Satyajit Ray’s screenplay and reconstructs the imagined film by borrowing audio and visual sequences from Ray’s other films.

Communists like Us – The Otolith Group (UK 2006, 22:55 min)
An essay-film that explores the potentiality of a 16-minute sequence from Jean Luc Goddard’s 1967 ‘La Chinoise’ revisualized through mid century Soviet archival photography depicting freindships between Indian, Soviet and Chinese Communist supporters.