Translating Foreign Television Formats 27 October 2012

William Urrichio
15:00 - 17:00
Theater t Hoogt Zaal 1/Room 1
€ 5.00 (Free)
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Starting from Albert Robida’s early visions of the future of TV in 1883 to the rise of todays expanded satellite services (IPTV), William Uricchio, Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies, will demonstrate how television has totally recontextualised any normative ideas of nationalism or the Western. Uricchio will expose the universal vs. local visual codes of television and the consequences of exchanging such codes for the identity of the national visual language.

William Uricchio is professor and director of MIT Comparative Media Studies; professor of media at Utrecht University; and visiting professor in various Swedish, Danish, German and Chinese universities. Principal investigator of the MIT Game Lab and the MIT Open Documentary Lab, he researches the histories of ‘new’ and ‘old’ media.