Panorama Screening #4: Once upon a time in my memory 28 October 2012

Theater Kikker Grote Zaal/Main Hall
€ 8.00
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Stories are a major influence on our memory. From storytellers right the way through to narrative Hollywood films, stories are always characterised by personal perspectives, but sometimes you can only see that if you gain some distance.

A short story – Ibro Hasanovic
(France 2011, 10:20 min)
A prophetic story – handed down from generation to generation – from former Eastern Bosnia about the start of a dramatic piece of global history.

Door Games Window Frames: Near Drama – Linda Chiu-han Lai
(Hong kong 2012, 11:13 min)
A hypnotic, triple-screen video collage consisting of iconic images from cinema history, though not from Hollywood, but from Hong Kong instead.

Das Badezimmer – Bjørn Melhus
(Germany 2011, , 05:15 min)
Alfred Hitchcock himself narrated the German trailer for Psycho (1960) with a heavy American accent as it transports viewers to a very specific country mansion. An ironic re-enactment of a preview of an iconic thriller.

And I will rise if only to hold you down – Jennifer Reeder
(USA 2012, , 24:00 min)
Simultaneously theatrical and dry, this film tells a brief story about a family. Although it, at first, appears to abide by the rules it also has a dark, absurdist layer that we hardly ever see in Hollywood films.

Fwd: Update on My Life – Nicky Tavares
(USA 2010, , 28:00 min)
Bittersweet portrait of a drastic development in the real and online life of a highly educated woman told in the shape of interviews, e-mails and the 3D World of a sim.