• The Soft Machines: BLOG is now ONLINE - Author: SoMa Blog Is Up.

    This year Impakt plunges into a world between reality and imagination, between artificial and natural, between the past and the future. The SoMa blog will be your guide to Impakt 2014, with background articles and interviews leading up to the festival.

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    The ‘Singularity’, the moment at which computers become more intelligent than people, is a utopia for some and a nightmare for others. But what about the emotional and empathetic capabilities of computers and machines?
    Can machines feel real empathy? Can we program emotions? Are machines capable of making ethical decisions? Do we actually want them to look and act like us? What are the changes for society and its identity?

    With the theme ‘Soft Machines’, Impakt will investigate multifarious questions around the idea of artificial empathy, its potential and its impact for society and for humanity. Looking at this theme from an interdisciplinary perspective of art and media but also science and current debates. Through monthly events Impakt and its festival in October will touch on specific subthemes. In the course of this year, the Soft Machines blog will take the role of a guide and lead with background articles and interviews through the programme of Impakt.

    Image: Bryce Farlow 2012