Ode To the Past & the Future 3 November 2013

3. Melhus, Bjorn - Sudden Destruction 2

Event #3 Ode To the Past & the Future

Recent graduate Bart Kalkman’s A Cosmic Gift finally gives the Netherlands a true Sci-Fi film which transports us to the year 2180.

In Landscapes, a series of brief animations by Amy Lockhart, no classical character development takes place. However, it is better to show psychedelic anecdotes about life’s primary impulses than to be distracted by the idea of politics or anatomically correct shapes.

With her performance Matrix Botanica, Melanie Bonajo responded to the landscape art around the town of Almere, in particular to De Groene Kathedraal [The Green Cathedral] (1978 – 1996) by Marinus Boezem. Using a procession she attempted to bridge the artificial chasm between nature and culture.

In Sudden Destruction a man is seated by a hotel bed when threatening news from the TV aggressively takes over the words of a possibly deceased man, announcing the end of the world. Bjørn Melhus used the words from videos by YouTube prophets.

Frank Blommestijn & Michiel van der Werf phenomenally re-enact a number of scenes from famous films in Things that may not really be there. This won them the Audience Prize at the TENT Academy Awards.

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