Conversation Series: Kill Screen Media (US) on Videogames and Affect 2 November 2014

Kars Alfrink, Hubbub
13:00 - 15:00
Theater Kikker Grote Zaal/Main Hall
€7 / €6

Image: Kars Alfrink, Hubbub. Photography: Yohan Creemers.

Tickets via: Theater Kikker

“Can a computer game make you cry,” a 1983 advertisement famously crowed. It is a question that has dogged the medium since its inception as its children have labored to create experiences that make its participants feel.

Videogame arts and culture magazine Kill Screen assembles some of today’s best game designers for a series of conversation on the question of emotive interactivity, including: interaction designer Kars Alfrink on playing with pigs, animator/game designer Lea Schönfelder on intimacy and image, Metrico’s Thijmen Bink on turning infographics into play, and Adriaan de Jongh on working with the Dutch National Ballet.