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Music presentation: Francois Pachet (FR) and Marco Marchini (IT/FR) (van Sony Computer Science Laps) 30 October 2014

Francois Pachet
11:00 - 12:30
Theater Kikker Kleine Zaal/Small Hall
€7 / €6

Image: Francois Pachet

Tickets via: Theater Kikker

About the presentation:
An instrument that predicts what you’ll play next, a radio that conjures new songs by dead legends, a hall-of-mirrors that lets musicians grow entire orchestras of clones; improbably, all these things already exist thanks to the groundbreaking research of Francois Pachet’s experimental lab.

Join Pachet and collaborator Marco Marchini for demonstrations of their prototypes and a presentation on how the integration of improvisatory interfaces with sophisticated data modeling promises a new generation of machines capable of uncanny musical expression.

The Bruce Sterling Key Note and College Tour, the presentations of Francois Pachet and Marco Marchini and the Impakt Club Nights are part of the Residenties in Utrecht program.

Together with city podia and festivals, Utrecht City of Music is introducing a new initiative: Residencies in Utrecht. Big names from the world of music, film and the written and visual arts will come specially to Utrecht to share their vision and experience with the City. In workshops, master classes and performances, the appealing, often international artists will appear on local podia, at local festivals and artistic training programmes. Their flown-in vision, knowledge and experience will lift young talent to a higher plane and inspire new ideas. The guests of the Residencies in Utrecht bring collaboration, inspiration and depth to the City.