Stéphane Degoutin

World Brain


Stéphane Degoutin is an artist, writer and researcher, born in Toronto, Canada. He lives and works in Paris. His main research interests are mankind after man, architecture after pleasure and the Umwelt of data. His projects focus on ambivalent situations, between war and dance, sexual pleasure an nonplaces, the city and its potential, posthuman theories and the obsolescence of mankind.

He creates films, video and sound installations, theoretical texts, places, such as Mute, Empty and Cyborgs in the Mist, or the photoblog Lost in Créteil. He created the online installations Googlehouse and What Are You?, and the temporary massage structure Here is Where We Meet. He co-founded the Terrorism Museum and the collective Nogo Voyages.

During the Festival: 

The film ‘World Brain‘ by Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon will be screened in Theater Kikker on Saturday 31 October. Degoutin will also take part in The Memory of Technology x The Future: The Secret Life of Technology on Sunday 1 November.