Tobias Revell

Tobias Revell


Tobias Revell’s work looks at how technologies carry politics and meaning. His recent research has looked how stories of myth, magic and hauntings penetrate the technological narrative and how they can be used allegorically for critique. For this presentation, he will look at the relationship between technology and memory. How technologies become lenses through which to form and retrieve memory as well as how they adapt and augment our construction of reality.

Tobias Revell is an artist and designer from London. He is co-founder of interdisciplinary research consultancy Strange Telemetry, course director of Information and Interface Design at the London College of Communication and one half of Haunted Machines.
His practice looks at interrogating our relationship with technology through fictions, stories and allegory.

Find more about Tobias Revell and his work on his website.


During the Festival:

Tobias will partrake in the panel The Memory of Technology x The Future: The Secret Life of Technology, on Sunday 1 November at 16:30h in the Main Hall of Theater Kikker.