The Better You x The Past: Your Heart Stops Beating, U Keep On Tweeting, with Digital Death Drive, Boris Meister and Patty Jansen 30 October 2015

21:30 - 23:00
Theater Kikker Main Hall
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Death is not the end, certainly not on the internet. We continue to exist in social media, even after our last heartbeat. This is an optimistic program about the (un)imaginable future of our online and social past. Emily West and S†ëfan Schäfer investigate life in the hereafter for online identity in Digital Death & the Post-Mortem Self. Boris Meister made Above the Cloud – Archaeology of Social Networks, an atlas about life and death on social media. Utopia 1.0: Post-Neo-Futurist-Capitalism in 3D! by Annie Berman is completely shot on location in Second Life, once a flourishing world, now full of ghostly structures and missing plug-ins. In Networked Collective Memory, the Utrecht artist Patty Jansen explores how traumatic events can be commemorated on the internet.


Digital Death Drive (Emily West & S†ëfan Schäfer)

Boris Meister 

Patty Jansen 

Moderator: Natalie Dixon

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