Overview of Impakt Festivals 2009-2017


Impakt Festival 2017: Haunted Machines & Wicked Problems

The programme of this edition of Impakt Festival seeks to address the relationship between technology, religion, magic and the occult. Through the framework of myth, magic and monsters, an international line-up of speakers, performers, thinkers, artists, designers and technologists will address how in magic, the spectacle is used to hide technical processes; in myth, how we build stories and narratives to culturally assimilate complex technologies; and how we use monsters to think about when things go wrong and people are hurt.

Festival Curators: Natalie Kane (UK) and Tobias Revell (UK)

Impakt Festival 2016: Authenticity?

In 2016 Impakt researched the meaning of the term authenticity in our digitized society. Authenticity has become a product sold to us by the lifestyle industry; marketeers make clever use of our hunger for individuality. At the same time, the term authenticity seems to dissolve when it comes to images and art objects. We live in a culture in which quoting, paraphrasing and re-using are standard practice. Sometimes, it doesn’t even really matter what the original was anymore.

Festival Curators: Bas Hendrikx (NL) and Barbara Cueto (ES)

Impakt Festival 2015: The Future of The Past

With regard to the increasingly massive storage and spread of information this festival focused on the phenomenon of Big Data. The festival discussed the relationship between big data and our perception of the past, present and future. Sub-themes of the festival were i.e. the role of social media in the writing of our history and the memory of technology.

This edition was not created by guest curators but by Impakt itself (Arjon Dunnewind and Ilga Minjon)

Impakt Festival 2014: Soft Machines

The Impakt Festival Soft Machines – Where the Optimized Human Meets Artificial Empathy introduced the concept of artificial empathy as an extension to the idea of artificial intelligence. The programme offered food for thought about new phenomena like affective computing and care robots, and asked questions about the need for optimizing human beings.

Festival Curators: A.E. Benenson (US), Ken Farmer (US), Noah Hutton (US) and Leah Kelly (US/UK)

Impakt Festival 2013: Capitalism Catch-22

In 2013 the Impakt Festival investigated capitalism and the current economic crisis. Is capitalism at the root of crises or actually the driving force behind progress and prosperity? Are there alternatives for the current system or are we stuck with the rules as set by capitalism, such as ongoing growth of production and consumption?

Festival Curators: collective Monnik (NL), Benjamin Fallon (UK) and Florian Wüst (DE)

Impakt Festival 2012: No More Westerns

In 2012, the Impakt Festival heralded the end of the dominance of the Western media culture. Central to the 23rd edition of the Impakt Festival were the changes within the media landscape as a result of the drastic economical and geopolitical shifts on the world stage.

Festival Curators: Cher Potter (UK) and Samantha Culp (US)

Impakt Festival 2011: The Right To Know

We live in an information society in which data has become a commodity and is being stored and distributed in an increasingly massive manner. But how much do we need and want to know? When is it mandatory to have total transparency and when is it better to refrain from making data accessible at all or in a limited way only? How are privacy, efficiency and security balanced in this respect?

This edition was not created by guest curators but by Impakt itself (Arjon Dunnewind and Pim Verlaek)

Impakt Festival 2010: Matrix City

Matrix City focused on the various different perceptions of what elements constitute a city and what a city should look like. Considerations, not only on geographical matters, but additionally on Utopianism were addressed through the programme.

Festival Curators: STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen, NL) and Kristian Lukic (HR)

Impakt Festival 2009: Accelerated Living

Under the title “Accelerated Living”, the Impakt Festival 2009 focused on changing notions of time and speed
today. During a period of five days, a number of artists, filmmakers, musicians and thinkers shared their views on the construction and intensification of time, and its influence on our perception of reality, and by extension thereof, of ourselves.

Festival Curators: Stoffel Debuysere (BE) and Maria Palacios Cruz (ES)