Alvise Renzini – Ci Soni Gli Spiriti (Italy 2009, 6:20 mins.)

This animation film shows the phenomenon ‘house’ as an arena for psychological interpretations, based on Carl Gustav Jung.

BIO: Alvise Renzini has concentrated his artistic research in the field of animation, which has traditionally been open to the mixing of different languages, such as painting, digital post-production and video. The expressive force of painting takes shape on a medium other than the canvas; attention to the image, to the frame, can expand over the length of the story, or to the abstract timing of rhythm. The versatility of the video format allows Renzini to show his work in a wide variety of forums, from film festivals to galleries, from the television to the internet. His work with the group Opificio Ciclope has proved fundamental to his keeping up-to-date in relation to the various different distribution channels. Artist’s website: